Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a new film

Here's a film my friend Jen made this summer with the youth dance company that she directs. Go Jen!


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  3. OMG. I kind of really love it! The art direction (colors, grates, water balloons, all the photography) and the editing are really sharp! I love the looking out and walking forward- all the choreography seemed really real and true- not contrived. I love how after they break the water balloons their hair clothes are wet. Something really happens/develops!
    The music really bothered me at first, maybe becuase the track is so familiar and because it seems to sentimentalize the girls a bit. It made me wonder what this video was about : I thought of wistfulness, longing to grow up, ambivalence about life and being an adult/teen/kind of still a child. But I did't get what they were doing about it- what they felt or thought- when they danced they were usually looking a way from the comera- gave me the impression of passivity but without any emotion passivity- no repression (of course excpet for the first few shots of 'catching' girls. -which was odd- i couldn;t get a read on that. Were the girls flung? Were they magnetized? There was no clear emotional read on that. They looked defiant- or was it surprised- or was it empty and robot-like?
    ANyway, I think this is a great film- at least something you should enter into a festival or contest and see if you can substantive feedback from a videographer.