Friday, September 19, 2008

Current Project

Here is a rough copy of my latest project, "With." It is a collaborative endeavor with John Osburn and Nadia Losonsky.


  1. This is SO cool!

    The moment at 1:54 really struck me for some reason -- the stilted dancing, at that odd angle. Really neat.

    Great opening, too, w/ the big chunks of black screen.

    Your framing is really cool and interesting -- that's not something that comes easily to everyone. But like around 2:50-3:15... the framing of those shots is really great.

    Personally I'm not sure I like the switches to black-and-white. Maybe it's just that I like the colors so much -- the indigo of his suit, the red of her dress.

    WOW this is cool! Way to go!

  2. yeah. i was using the black and white to denote a time change...

    but, i might play with the muted colors some more. i wasn't sure if they looked crappy or not. some of lighting is pretty wonky.

  3. The art work "With" weaves one in, out, around, about and through two dancers in dialogue.

    Just alone and juxtaposed in settings near, far, familiar and fanciful, we see dance is still and stiff and struggling. This motion is emotion. Is this a trying time? Let's be born again.

    "Since art is communication springing from unconscious levels, it presents to us an image of man which is as yet present only in those members of society, who, by virtue of their own sensitized consciousness, live on the frontier of their society--live, as it were, with one foot in the future."
    Rollo May - "Love and Will"