Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project Banter Dance Film Spectacular

This post begins a series of many that will document the process of my M.F.A culminating project. My colleague, Bethany, and I are creating a site-specific/dance film/video installation performance THING at a really great, local bar/cafe/coffee shop called Banter, in Denton, TX.

Anyway, right now I have been acting as a research spy-- watching people in Banter, jotting down their actions, things they say, etc.

  • "you wouldn't understand"
  • "put your ass in jail"
  • bobs head back and forth slowly

SO- with this info generated from the space and the people, I am going to make a movement score for one duet and one solo.

More to come!

If you're in Banter, watch out, something you do might be in my piece!


  1. Hey, were you watching me bob my head back and forth slowly?

  2. This sounds AWESOME. I'm excited to watch it unfold!

  3. This is going to be great. I want to come, Lily. You and Befffffff Rock! ;)