Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Backers Submit Questions

Recently, we posted a new update on our Kickstarter page that is exclusively for Backers. But, I guess I can tell you what it is about.

We want QUESTIONS...and lots of them. There is a particular part of the performance where we need a long list of questions, so we asked our Backers to provide them. Here are a few so far:

  •       Has any human being ever actually been raised by wolves?
  •       Will I ever pay off my student loan debt?
  •       Why won't Jim Cantore return my phone calls?
  •       What time do the fish dance?
  •       Why is repetition so comforting?
  •       Should wet birds fly at night?
  •       If you were a spatula, would you be plastic or metal?
  •       Which would win in a battle, electricity or lava?

Aren't they great? I'm looking forward to the rest of the questions. Thanks Backers!


  1. Why do we all think we are so different when we are so much the same?

  2. My questions:

    What's the best way to narrow down who farted in a crowded elevator?

    If you pick your nose in private, is it still considered impolite?

    Do chickens know what happens to their eggs?

  3. Are you lying?

    Would you tell me if you were?

    What color is chartreuse?

  4. Would you mind if I hugged you with my feet?

  5. Why don't you send your kickstarter site to the TDIF listserv?