Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up

Well, crap, it's October...the end of October. What have I been doing, you ask? This:

Photo by Jordan Fuch
 I went to the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival in Houston. What a treat! Fantastic teachers, hosts, and fellow dancers to play with. Thank you Rice University, Leslie Scates, and Rosie Trump for hosting this great event!

I started learning a new solo by Melissa Bijork. It's good to be learning movement....I was feeling a little to insular for awhile. Here's some snipets:

We registered the Big Rig Dance Collective  name in Denton County, TX. (I'm a Co-Director)

I presented my paper, Sourcing, Creating, and Sharing: A Method for Creating Site Specific Performances, at the National Dance Educators Conference (NDEO) in Tempe, AZ. Met some great people, including Jane Hawley. Check out what she's doing at Luther College.

I'm collecting some footage for my solo project, which will include a film component. Working title: Contemplating the End. (Thanks to Jhon Stronks for the title)

A little more on this Contemplating the End business...
    Sound's morbid, right? Well, that's not what I'm going for. Actually, I want to craft this project by using a lot of beginnings. I tend to have a lot of ideas for the start of a projects, so I thought...What would happen if I strung all these beginnings together? What would it turn into?

    The first beginning was the creation of a phrase. You can see that in my older posts below.

    My current beginning is this:

    I had this idea of layering dancing footage with non-dancing footage. I'm interested in all the movement we do on a regular basis that might not be considered dance, and how it could be composed in a way that looks or feels like dance. Right now I have treadmill running and cycling. Here's a bit of cycling from my handlebars' perspective:

    Well, I think that catches us up. Glad you're still here...sorry I took so long.

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