Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 2 Solo Mania

I'm still playing catch up on videos. This was actually last week....but you get the idea.

In this rehearsal, I started with a movement phrase that I already knew. It was one I created for another dance and felt very natural/easy to do. From there, I messed it all up. I took the original phrase, broke it down piece by piece, and basically made myself stop and investigate my choices. Whichever direction felt comfortable, I went the opposite. If my momentum was going one way, I tried to go the other.

It was a little wild at first...this video is pretty tame and slow because it's at the end of rehearsal and I was pooped.

In the end, the new phrase was short, but had a lot of interesting moments for me and helped me find new movement possibilities.

See ya next time!


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