Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back from the library

I went to the library today to get a few books for my culminating project research, but also stumbled upon a dance film series called: 5 Dance Films About Place, directed by Douglas Rosenburg and Allen Kaeja. Most of them take place in rural Wisconsin, "created in in and of the landscape and local architecture and speaks to metaphors of relationship, the senses, and the changing seasons" ( Rosenburg).

The series can also he found online, here.

So- in my endeavors to explore what is already in the landscape of Banter, the cafe I am using as the site for my culminating project, I'm curious if I can see how the Wisconsin landscape affects the movement in these pieces.

What do you think?

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  1. Well I tried to think about what these movements would be without the landscape/site. What if they were on stage?

    I really liked Site, Aroma and Verge.
    The plate/food imagery in Aroma was sort of pagan/earthy to me. Loved how the music was in the scene.