Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twitter/Facebook Action!

So the other day I asked some folks via Twitter and Facebook to describe their last action. I received several different responses:

I just put down my cell phone after a long conversation with my mom.

I just ate five pickles. Computer on my lap, small bowl of deliciousness to my right. Delicately grab pickle with two fingers, type with ten...small bites between grab and type.

hung up wet clothes to dry. 4 dresses, 3 bras, 1 shirt, 6 hangers, on the bathroom shower curtain rod.

I rolled over, picked my wedgie, and covered up with a blanket. Now I am texting with my right hand only.

I put a dvd into my imac to burn, imed someone on yahoo, and just took a quiz on here.

sat down on couch. picked up laptop off floor and sat on lap. left elbow on arm of couch. ran fingers through hair and looked depressed cause now i have to go out in the rain to get my dry laundry.

Turned the page in a manga while leaning back on my couch.

Next, I took some key words and strung them together for a mini action score. It's pretty open, try it out!

1. put down
2. grab
3. hang over
4. pick
5. cover with right hand only
6. burn
7. sit down
7. puck up and put on lap
8. run fingers through hair
9. look depressed


  1. i want to see the video version!


  2. The llama shall receive. I will film it Friday morning!