Friday, August 07, 2009

Post- Banter Spy Time

Went to Banter yesterday to do a little spying and note-taking. Here's a little action score derived from stuff people did or said. mwa ha ha ha...

1. say "so..."
2. shake both hands outward
3. walk sideways and move something out of your way
4. come in- go out
5. lean back and let right arm swing
6. gently pat the air down with right hand
7. say "fancy meeting you here"
8. bend very slightly forward from your waist while keeping your gaze forward
9. nod your head and lick your lips simultaneously
10. point you index finger in the air softly and indirectly


So, even with all these directions, this is just a tiny tiny chunk of movement.

I was also thinking about lights:
  • red up lamps
  • red work lights
Also- I'm thinking of what kind of stand the projector could go on that would be reachable by the person that is teching it. A deer stand?