Saturday, August 15, 2009

the step-by-step of it all

Yesterday I was thinking about this process. What comes first? How does one thing build upon each other? Here's some thoughts:
  1. The process begins with SPY TIME. Spy on people at Banter, write down their actions/text, then make movement scores from that material.
  2. Use those scores to develop a duet for Jose and JP, two men I go to school with. Play with the actions. Insert bold movement within the subtle scores.
  3. Use the material from Jose and JP’s duet as the starting point for the film process for my solo. Film myself doing the scores in front of the brick wall at Banter.
  4. Construct the solo film.
  5. Play off the material from the solo film as the starting point for constructing the solo.
So, each step depends on the one before it, which is neat, because my collaborator, Bethany Nelson, is focusing on interdependency.

awesome. back to spying...

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