Monday, September 07, 2009

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Yet again, I was led to another great resource by my mom, BettyAnn, who I might add,  is a fantastic blogger.
So, check it out:
Vienna/Austria based Cie. Willi Dorne created a work called Bodies in Urban Spaces that "points out the urban functional structure and uncovers the restricted movement possibilities and behaviour as well as rules and limitations."
An article from Weburbanist says how Dorne seeks to create an experience for his audience and wants to inspire viewers to change their perspective and see things in a slightly different way.
I love this kind of public, guerilla performance art. What is most interesting is the insertion of something totally wonderful and quite bizarre into an everyday environment. This is very similar to my desire for Complex Environments. I want to insert an alternate reality in a bar, using material made from real people. I think inserting unusual art in usual space is such a great way to think about changing perspectives and seeing things in s different way. 
Does that make sense?
Side note-  I do have a video coming from the Twitter/Facebook actions. Go Nadia for making an AWESOME little solo sequence with it. 


  1. Fantastic summary :) - Thanks

  2. By making unusual art in usual spaces you may make people sad because they will see what they've been missing. After the sadness clears up, our quality of life should improve. In time, people may expect to see unusual art in usual space and even contribute or participate. Then you'll really be rocking the world.