Wednesday, September 02, 2009's about COMMUNITY

This project is about community. Why didn't I realize that before?

A few turn of events sparked my thoughts on this...

1. Dance Theater Workshop's (DTW) Community Choreography. These are short dance videos made from Tweets! Followers on Twitter send in an action; anything from 'spin!' to ' re-enact a death scene from an old western movie.' Then, the folks at DTW string them together and make wonderful little videos. My action can be seen in Community Chor. #11, however #12 is a MUST SEE.

Why does this all matter? I think the roots of these choreography projects are very similar to my own--sourcing material from other people, stringing it together, seeing what happens.

What's special about these kinds of projects is that ANYONE can be included, and you really do feel like a member of the creative team, even if you just Tweeted "point your finger in the air and spin counterclockwise."

2. KICKSTARTER! My brother just launched a new book project on Kickstarter which got me thinking about launching this project onto Kickstarter. It isn't official yet, but I think this could be another really great way to explore and expand on the idea of community.

**Background: Kickstarter is basically a way of funding creative projects through a community. 'Backers' donate various amounts, which are often based on a tier of intensives ( a free tee shirt, a book, an autograph, VIP seats, etc)

My idea: VIP Backers could submit some sort of ACTION which would be turned into an interesting sequence of movement. During the performance, this specific sequence could be "inserted," with some sort of bold announcement that clearly states where the movement came from....PEOPLE!

3. Lastly, just in thinking about this blog and how much I enjoy sharing my ideas, as well as how much people have responded to them, I feel like this idea of community is more central to the work than I might have first imagined.

What do you think?

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  1. Love this! I am going to share this with my intro class!